LinkedIn is a full time job


One thing I have found the last few weeks is that upkeeping and maintaining a LinkedIn account is unsustainable.

I had never put a great deal of effort into the platform before, but after a post I wrote went "viral" and I was offered speaking opportunities and jobs off the back of it, I started paying more attention.

The first thing I noticed was my inbox was flooded. Mainly with shit, which is a shame because amidst the waves of "I have a job for you, send me your details" posts were some genuinely nice messages. Messages of support, people asking questions etc etc. I spent an hour or so reading through and replying to the messages.

The trouble is, I don't always get (or want) to spend an hour a day reading through messages. Left to the next day, the amount of messages doubles and becomes an even greater (and less appealing) task. Whilst the benefits of sharing content on the platform are clear because there is a good audience of professionals present the inbox is a fucking nightmare.

The worst of it is, people start getting shitty if you haven't replied... "I'll guess we will leave this then" responses to messages that are so far back in my inbox they are never going to be read is just the sort of passive aggressiveness I don't need on a daily basis.

Do I like the platform? Meh.

Do I find it useful. So so.

I will continue to post there because there is an audience that I want to reach. I will continue to ignore the inbox and tentatively pick out things I think are going to be of interest. Nothing personal if I don't respond. I just don't have the time ✌️