What is this site?


Whilst my old site was certainly nothing special, I am keen to share with those of you who had visted it and read my articles may be interested as to why I started again. So let me try and explain...

I have been super inspired by Joel Hooks and his article on "Digital Gardens". I love the idea of moving away from all of my articles being fully formed pieces of writing and using this as a digital journal as somewhere to put all of my raw thoughts and feelings, no matter how "formed" they are.

I intend to have longer articles, as well as shorter articles. But for now I am going to be keeping my "serious" writing on my newsletter archive, which the link can be found for on the homepage.

My old site was a bit of a pain to write on. To get an article online I had to create a markdown file, update a .json data file and then commit to Git. It was too long in the tooth for me to quickly write something.

I moved towards this site as it shadows a Notion document, dynamically pulling the content from it and updating the site without having to commit any changes. Its really fucking cool, and because I spend more time in Notion these days than VSCode, it made sense.

So stay tuned, friends. Raw thoughts incoming.